Getting to Know Beth Grant

BethGrant_CU_useWhen Beth Grant visited Grand Rapids last summer, she didn’t know she was going to fall in love. Not with someone new; Beth is part of a happy family with her husband, Richard, and two outstanding daughters, Amanda and Mackenzie. Rather, it was something new that stole her heart: Grand Rapids.

The family had come to Grand Rapids for a summer vacation so that rising hoopster Amanda could participate in basketball camp at Aquinas College.

“By day three, I said to Richard, ‘We need to move here. It feels right.’ I fell in love with the sense of community,” Beth said.

During the vacation, they toured the city’s increasingly vibrant downtown, the museums, the majestic natural vistas West Michigan has to offer, and realized they didn’t know what they were missing. Beth’s sister-in-law, Cheryl Grant, served as ambassador and concierge for the family.

“The more I saw, the more I liked. It speaks volumes for the area,” Beth said.

To the shock of her friends, family and coworkers back in Bangor, Maine, Beth decided to leave her 18-year career with the Bangor Daily News and Richard decided to sell his business in order to pack themselves off to Grand Rapids for a new life in a renewing city. Beth and the girls took residence at the end of August, with Richard to follow after the business is transferred. The rest, as they say, is history.

“I really loved my job, but I haven’t looked back at all,” Beth said.

During her 18-year career in media, Beth moved up the ladder from multi-media sales consultant, to advertising manager and then marketing director. Along the way, she collected numerous regional and statewide awards from the New England Newspaper & Press Association as well as the Main Press Association.

She plans to leverage her tech savvy and consultative skills as an Accredited Buyers Agent for Cheryl Grant Real Estate.

“In my former role, what I enjoyed most was finding solutions for my clients. That’s a very transferable skill, and what could be more important or satisfying than helping a family find the perfect home for their lifestyle?” Beth said.

In today’s market, there’s no doubt buyers would benefit from Beth’s drive. As an early adopter of digital technology, she knows first hand that you need a combination of keen analysis and tireless work to help would-be homebuyers not only find the right fit, but find it fast and first.

“I’m fortunate to be learning from someone so accomplished. I’ve learned from Cheryl that to act and act quickly in a hot market means many late nights and early mornings to catch those new listing and to understand what my clients want,” Beth said.

From her days of conceiving and managing award-winning ad campaigns, Beth also has an intimate understanding of Return-On-Investment and the empowerment of possessing the right information to make good decisions. She looks forward to leveraging this experience to benefit buyers.

“I’ve had the experience from the customer side of the equation, and I am looking forward to ensuring my own customers never find themselves out of the loop,” Beth said.

In addition to her new career with the Cheryl Grant team, Beth is looking forward to getting involved in the Grand Rapids and East Grand Rapids communities. Originally trained as an early childhood educator, Beth holds literacy dear to her heart, and would like to help promote early reading through community initiatives. She hopes to include her own children – who still read aloud to her daily – in giving back to the community.

“The pressure on educators and staff in schools is phenomenal. They give so much of themselves, they deserve support,” Beth said.

Family life is the focus of her free time, with two talented daughters to cheer on. Amanda, 12, is an AAU basket ball player in 2 leagues and attends East Middle School, where she also sings in chorus. Mackenzie is a competitive gymnast and is a member of the chorus at Breton School. Beth and the girls have been enjoying Friday night football games at East. As chorus boosters, they’re also hooked on The Voice. But most of all, they’re enjoying the warm welcome of East Grand Rapids hospitality.

“I look forward to getting to know the community better through volunteer opportunities. It’s rewarding to make a difference. It’s this sense of community that I fell in love with, and it’s something that’s uncommon. I’m so glad to be a part of it.”