Cheryl Grant Team Expands in Hot Grand Rapids Real Estate Market


For the last decade, Cheryl Grant has been a trusted name in the Grand Rapids, MI real estate market, where’s she’s known for her home marketing savvy and giving home sellers and buyers the best real estate representation you can get. When a hot market in Grand Rapids meant it was time to expand by adding an Accredited Buyers’ Agent, she didn’t have to look far to find a name she could trust! Beth Grant, Cheryl’s sister-in-law, has joined the winning team, and brings the same kind of savvy and integrity to the table.

“It was perfect timing. Beth and her family fell in love with Grand Rapids during a visit this summer, and wanted to relocate here. Our market is hot, and Beth has what it takes to expand our reach in real estate,” Cheryl Grant said. “It’s ironic, because I handle so many relocations to Grand Rapids. Who knew I’d relocate my own sister-in-law?”

Beth Grant is an 18-year veteran of digital, advertising and marketing at the Bangor Daily News, where she garnered numerous regional and state press awards over the years for her campaigns. As an early-adopter of technology, she’s poised to put her work ethic, consultative prowess and internet research skills to work for home buyers in Grand Rapids.

“I know it’s competitive out there, and you want to be fast and first when the right home comes up. I love helping people find solutions, and enjoy a fast-paced environment. What could be more important than helping families find the right fit in a new home?” Beth said. “I also couldn’t possibly have a better mentor. Cheryl is so accomplished.”

Beth cites the city’s vibrancy, growth, and community spirit as key elements that lured her and her family from Bangor, Maine. Grand Rapids was recently named the fifth strongest city in terms of economic recovery by Forbes magazine.

Beth, her husband Richard, and their two daughters, Amanda and Mackenzie, are excited to join the East Grand Rapids community, where a plethora of educational and sports opportunities abound. Amanda is an AAU basketball player and Mackenzie is an accomplished gymnast. Both are members of the chorus. Beth is also looking forward to volunteer work to advance literacy. She holds a degree in Early Childhood Education, and is an advocate for making a difference for kids.