Keys to Your Home: Tao and the Art of Recycling for a Green Move in Grand Rapids

young couple unpacking or packing boxeskeystoyourhomeWhether you’re trading up or downsizing, moving to your new home in Grand Rapids can be an opportunity to declutter your life and travel lighter. If your garage, store room or basement is looking like a candidate for an episode of “Hoarders,” fear not — Cheryl Grant has helped many folks find the “Tao” of lighter loads before moving day. In this Keys to Your Home article, Cheryl explains the “Tao (Way) of Recycling in Grand Rapids,” including the mysteries of who will take what, where and when. Get ready to study up for the big day, Grasshopper, and you’ll enjoy a new home free of the dead weight of Aunt Matilda’s tchotchkes. And if the prospect of moving to a new home is the only thing keeping you from listing your home, Contact Cheryl  for a market evaluation and staging session. Half the battle is paring down your wares before your home hits the market! Read the article here: