What’s up with the bird?

In 2014, Cheryl Grant expanded from a one-person operation to a Team with the addition of Beth and Richard Grant. During this transition new marketing materials including a new look, color palette and logo, the Bird, were introduced. The bird reinforced visually and memorably what we felt our business provided…. a Real Estate business that takes care of its clients homes or nests as Chirp would say.

The nest our little bird is perched on is in the shape of a smile. That’s no accident, we wanted to convey the happiness our clients feel when they work with us to buy or sell their homes. The bird logo grew in popularity and in 2017 a bird mascot was added to our Team.

The full-size, interactive bird debuted on July 4th 2017 in the Hollyhock and East Grand Rapids 4th of July Parades. In early 2018 after an extensive marketing campaign, we invited our clients to a bird naming event and produced a short series of videos documenting how we named our mascot Chirp.

Chirp appears at community events, local parades, and sports’ events. We believe Chirp truly embodies what the Cheryl Grant Real Estate Team is all about. Creating a home you can fill with happiness (or as we like to say a happy nest) having fun and dedication to our clients in their journey of buying or selling their nests.